Language training courses

TrainingOur methods

Our language teachers combine traditional learning methods with a modern approach to teaching to perfectly match the requirements and personality of their individual students.


In consultation with your HR officer, the content of any training course is tailored to the student's professional requirements prior to the first lesson.

Die Trainingsinhalte werden bereits vor der ersten Unterrichtsstunde im Dialog mit Ihren Personalverantwortlichen auf die Anforderungen des Unternehmens abgestimmt.

  • We first do an intake test to see to what extent the students have already mastered the language and what their learning requirements are.
  • We then suggest a suitable training programme.

This enables us to deliver a cost-efficient and high-quality language training course for your company.

Our competence

is the key to your success.

  • trainers who are highly qualified and enjoy what they are doing
  • native speakers or truly bilingual professionals
  • educators with many years of experience teaching adults

Our training course will help you

  • overcome your fear of speaking a foreign language
  • express yourself more freely and comfortably in another language
  • understand what the other party means and react in the right way

Target groups

All employees who need a foreign language for telephone calls, discussions, negotiations, sales, correspondence, presentations etc.

Bespoke training courses

You can choose:

  • weekly business-related group courses
  • intensive training courses with 4, 6, 8 or 10 hours of tuition a day
  • business seminars

Training times

to match your timing schedule

  • depending on your prior knowledge and objectives, up to 40 training hours per module

Training location

You can choose:

  • in-company training
  • training in our own training rooms
  • in a suitable location of your choice elsewhere