Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing is the process in which documents are created that are 100% ready for publication. This not only means that the documents look good, but also that the entire formatting of the document has been done properly as well. This is something which plays an important role, particularly when the documents that have been created also require work to be done on them afterwards, such as having them translated, or if third parties have to add things to the documents. To properly format documents, superficial knowledge of the formatting software will not do. A thorough knowledge of the DTP program is a must.

Our employees have mastered virtually all regular DTP programs and can assist you when drawing up or editing your documents.

Have you got little or no experience of DTP software, and do you suddenly have to create professionally laid out documents? Then we can offer you two options:

You write your own text without paying too much attention to the layout and we will format or layout the document for you, in keeping with your preferences,

or -often the better option-:

We give you a crash course on creating your own carefully formatted and laid out documents using your own DTP program. As a rule, this only takes a few hours to learn.


Creating templates

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If DTP software is used to repeatedly create similar documents, it might be easier to create a template file in which all formatting settings and page properties are laid down. This enables you to make sure that all your documents have a uniform look. Properly formatted documents make working with a document much easier and save a lot of time, especially later, for example if you need to have the document translated. You want the translated file to resemble its original counterpart as much as possible, don't you?

Then, we are happy to help you create your templates to achieve this.



We have all the regular, and some more exotic, DTP programs at our disposal to supply you with formatted documents that comply exactly with your requirements. The main ones we use are listed below.

  • Microsoft Office: Word, Powerpoint
  • Adobe: InDesign, Framemaker, Pagemaker, Illustrator
  • Corel: Corel Draw, Ventura
  • Broadvision: Interleaf, Quicksilver
  • Quark: Quark Xpress
  • SDL: Trados Studio 2011, Multiterm 2011
  • Star Group: Transit NXT

Our employees have extensive experience of using these programs and regularly give training courses on how to use them. If you are interested in taking such a course in your company or in our office, please contact us. We teach both individual students and small groups.